BonniDune & Uherdit Puppies

Myst's puppies were co-bred by BonniDune and Uherdit. The puppies were born September 28, 2007.
LittleMan and Myst had 2 girls and 3 boys. All five puppies were healthy.

Debbie Willoughby of Uherdit did a fantastic job raising these pups. I have high hopes for their futures with their new owners.

"Good Luck!"

BonniDune Reiver At Kennelley
Co-owned and loved by Kelly Whiteman & Terry Kenney
Reiver stacked


Uherdit Logan
Owned and loved by Debra Willoughby
Logan stacked


BonniDune ??
Owned and loved by Sheila, Alan & Jacob Rice
Isabel stacked


BonniDune ??
Owned and loved by Kristie Parfet
Ozzie stacked


BonniDune Clever Trevor
Owned and Loved by Bonnie Bailey
Available Boy

Available Boy

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