BonniDune's Rainbow Bridge

HQ Jazlyn Bonanza Erynbrook CDX HCT ASCA-CD
August 29, 1994 - November 20, 2003

Bonnie gaining HIT Bonnie was my special needs dog.  At age 12 weeks she was going to be put to sleep by her breeder because she had a heart murmur and was afraid of her own shadow.  I convinced her breeder to place her with me instead. Bonnie outgrew the murmur. And, while she was never an outgoing dog, Bonnie learned through her obedience training to cope with strange places and people.

Bonnie was extremely smart and would have excelled in obedience if she wasn't so shy.  We had to train for things that normal dogs don't worry about - like the judge reaching across the dog to hand the dumbbell to me before the retrieve on flat.  She obtained her CDX because I asked her to - she certainly never enjoyed going to shows.  She was trained for Utility, but was never shown at that level.


I introduced Bonnie to sheep herding because I heard that it is a confidence builder.  She loved it! Bonnie covered her stock well and responded readily to commands.  She was a kind dog, and when confronted with a "fainting" lamb, nuzzled it with her nose to encourage it to get back on its feet.

Everything that Bonnie achieved, she did for love of me.  She will be sorely missed.

Bonnie herding

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