BonniDune's Rainbow Bridge

Shadow's Houdini CD CGC
October 14, 1987 - April 10, 2001

Shadow's Houdini CD CGC

Dini was the first dog I raised from a puppy, and is responsible for my obsession with the sport of purebred dogs. Because I was busy going back to school, changing careers and moving cross-country, Dini was shown in a conformation puppy match when she was six months old and then stayed home until I showed her in obedience at age 8.

In 1990, three days after moving to Silver Lake, California, my landlord accidentally let Dini out of the house. She took off looking for "home" and ran across Sunset Boulevard and over the Hollywood Freeway. I found her the next day, in a daze and injured from being hit by a car. She required a lot of stitching, but she survived. After I moved to Indiana she ruptured a disc and was partially paralyzed, but she recovered and went on to earn her CD. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Dini was spayed before her first heat, but she mothered every animal I ever brought home. In fact, my cat, Einstein, used to be Dini's pet. When Einstein wanted affection, she always went to Dini, but now she's stuck with me. I regret that I didn't ever try herding before Dini got too old to participate - I think she would have loved it. Dini truly was a very special dog and will live on in my heart forever.

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