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August 8, 2006 - April 24, 2008

Do was from the Stewart-Jane litter. He lived with his co-owner, Carol Clark, in Kansas City, Missouri.  He achieved much in his too-short life, and we had so many plans for his future.  He was killed when he escaped from the back yard and got hit by a motorcycle.  Do is sorely missed.

Do went to his first set of shows the week after he turned 6 months old. In four days of showing, Do won Reserve and Best Puppy in Breed, Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a 4-point major, and Winners Dog for an additional 2 points. Do finished his Championship in December of 2007 and won several Best of Breeds during his short career as a "special".

Carol and Do were training in obedience and tracking, too. Do earned his Tracking Dog (TD) title when he was only 8 months old!

Do was eye tested clear. He was CEA and TNS Genotype Clear/Normal (tested), and CL Genotype Clear/Normal by parentage. Do died before he was old enough to have his hips done.

Do when he earned his Championship
Do New Ch

Do when he earned his TD
Do TD Title

Do mushing in Colorado
Do & the team mushing

Do & Stewart in Minnesota
Father and Son

Do as a puppy
Do as a puppy


BonniDune's Pipe Down Mr McBeevee

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