Special Events

Bluegrass Cluster in Lexington, Kentucky

Labor Day Weekend 2006

In 2006 I replaced the original Woof Wagon. In addition to a raised roof, the new van also has a hitch. I decided to get an RV so that I could camp at shows and other dog events. After shopping around, I found a 17" Keystone Cabana that was within my budget and within my van's tow capacity.

Lexington was special because it was my first show with the new setup.

Ronni, Char and Pamela outside the Cabana
(Note the Sheep awning lights!)

Lunch at the Cabana

Here's a close up of the lights!

Sheep Lights

Woof Wagon Version II

Woof Wagon and Jane Puppies

Lexington was also special because in five days of shows Stewart won Reserve the first day and Winners Dog the following four days. He even went on to win Best of Winners two of those four days! Stewart ended up with 6 more points at the end of the weekend, including his second 3-point major.

Stewart Best of Winners

Stewart BOW Lexington

To top things off, Stewart's daughter, Jetela Anastasia, won Winners Bitch/Best of Winners one day, making Winners Dog and Winners Bitch a family affair!

Stewart and Anastasia

Stewart & Stassie

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