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Can Border Collies Pass Schutzhund?


Schutzhund is a rigorous training program for working dogs that tests their obedience, tracking, and protection skills. It was originally developed in Germany as a breed suitability test for German Shepherds. However, many other dog breeds, including Border Collies, have shown impressive abilities in passing Schutzhund tests.

Border Collie Traits

Border Collies are known for their high intelligence, agility, and herding instincts. These traits make them excellent candidates for various dog sports and working roles. While Schutzhund is primarily associated with German Shepherds and other protection dog breeds, Border Collies have proven themselves capable of excelling in the program due to their natural abilities and trainability.

Training Border Collies for Schutzhund

Successfully preparing a Border Collie for Schutzhund requires dedicated training, socialization, and a skilled handler. The program consists of three phases:


In this phase, the dog is trained to perform various commands and tasks, demonstrating precise obedience and control. Border Collies are quick learners and respond well to positive reinforcement methods, which are commonly used in Schutzhund training. Their intelligence and eagerness to please make them highly trainable for obedience exercises.


Border Collies have a strong sense of smell and excel in tracking exercises. They can effectively follow scent trails, making them well-suited for the tracking phase of Schutzhund. With proper training and exposure to different environments and surfaces, Border Collies can develop exceptional tracking skills.


The protection phase of Schutzhund tests a dog’s courage, defensive drive, and ability to protect their handler. While Border Collies are not typically bred for personal protection work, they can still excel in this phase with proper training. Their athleticism and intense focus can be harnessed to perform bite work and obstacle challenges required in the protection phase.

Challenges and Considerations

Despite their potential, Border Collies may face some challenges when participating in Schutzhund. The breed’s natural herding instincts may sometimes interfere with protection work, as they may have a tendency to try to control and herd rather than engage in aggression. This can be managed through appropriate training and socialization.


While Schutzhund is traditionally associated with specific breeds, Border Collies have proven themselves capable of excelling in the program. With their intelligence, agility, and trainability, Border Collies can be trained to pass Schutzhund tests and demonstrate their abilities in obedience, tracking, and protection. With the right training, socialization, and a skilled handler, Border Collies can successfully participate in and pass Schutzhund, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of this remarkable breed.

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