Cap Of Killiebrae HXAs
("Cap" ISDS 266571)

Imported from England

Imp Cap

Cap came to BonniDune from renowned shepherd/trainer/handler Derek Scrimgeour of Killiebrae Sheepdogs. Cap is a very talented dog who unfortunately suffered a soft-tissue injury to a rear leg that prohibits him from being able to run in the grueling ISDS Open trials.

After a chiropractic adjustment and some Rolfing deep tissue massages, Cap's rear leg is already showing signs of improvement. Cap tries hard to please and he and I are becoming partners on the herding field. Cap earned his AKC Herding Excellent title ("A" Course) his first weekend trialing with a second place and two fifth places.

I feel very lucky to be able to bring this fine young dog to America.

Cap lifting

Cap fetching

Cap outrun

Cap driving


"Cap has been an exceptional young dog since he was one and a half years old. In his first nursery season he nearly made the Scottish nursery final.”

"Cap has a very attractive working style.  He has very good natural flanks which are not too tight and not too wide.  His outrun has a nice pear shape, always landing correctly behind the sheep.  He has good concentration on his sheep and listens well."


“He is a strong dog and although he takes his flanks well, he is a bit pushy at the moment. Cap has been placed second 3 times and has a first place to his credit at this year’s nurseries. At the moment he is the highest pointed dog in the Westmorland nursery league.”

NOTE:  Cap finished the season as the 2007 Westmorland League Nursery Champion!  Click here to see his 2006/2007 trialing record on Derek Scrimgeour's website.


“Cap was bought mainly as a stud dog having already produced some young dogs. Cap is very good at mating difficult bitches as nothing puts him off. R.C. McPhearson’s Dolwen Chips is his sire so Cap is one of the few stud dogs with this breeding.”


Cap's hips are BVA scored 3:7 for a total of 10. This is equivalent to an OFA Good. (The median Border Collie hip score in the UK is currently 13.) Cap's eyes are CERF clear, and he is CEA, CL & TNS Genotype Clear/Normal.

Cap is available at stud to approved bitches.

Cap is a Proven Producer
Three Generations
Dolwen Chips - Cap - Killiebrae Razor
Three Generations

Three 6-week-old Cap puppies
Puppy A Puppy B Puppy C

Cap son in UK beginning to work
Cap son in UK

Cap also has a son in New Zealand
Astra Cap
Astra Cap
Click here to see Astra Cap's page on Ohutu Kennels' website.

Cap's Pedigree

Imp. Cap

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