BonniDune Kennel is located in
Southern Indiana, USA. Although I started
with German Shepherd Dogs, today BonniDune is
dedicated to showing, trialing and producing
sound, versatile Border Collies.
BonniDune is proud to be recognized as an AKC Breeder of Merit.

Puppies Born December 25, 2013

Do Border Collies Have Big Paws?


Border Collies are a popular breed known for their intelligence, agility, and herding abilities. One common characteristic that people often notice about Border Collies is the size of their paws. In this article, we will explore whether Border Collies do indeed have big paws or if it is just a common misconception.

The Anatomy of Border Collie Paws

Border Collies have well-proportioned paws that are ideally suited for their active lifestyle. Their paws consist of pads, nails, and toes, which work together to provide stability, balance, and traction. While Border Collies typically have larger paws compared to some other breeds, it is important to understand that paw size can vary individually.

Why Do Border Collies Have Relatively Larger Paws?

There are a few reasons why Border Collies may appear to have relatively larger paws:

1. Functionality

Their larger paws provide better grip and traction, enabling them to excel in various activities such as herding, agility, and obedience. The extra surface area helps them maintain stability and grip the ground firmly, especially when making quick turns or changes in direction.

2. Adaptability

Border Collies are versatile working dogs that are often found in different terrains and weather conditions. Their larger paws help distribute their weight more evenly, making it easier for them to navigate uneven surfaces, such as rocky or slippery terrain, and handle different weather conditions like snow or muddy grounds.

3. Genetic Factors

Genetics also play a role in determining the size of a Border Collie’s paws. Some bloodlines may have a predisposition for larger paws, while others may have smaller ones. It is essential to note that paw size alone does not determine a dog’s overall health or abilities.


While Border Collies are often associated with having relatively larger paws, it is not a universal characteristic for the entire breed. Paw size can vary among individual dogs and bloodlines. However, the slightly larger paws seen in many Border Collies are believed to serve a functional purpose, providing them with better stability, traction, and adaptability in their various activities and environments.

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