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Do Border Collies Have Long Legs?


Border Collies are renowned for their intelligence, agility, and herding abilities. These dogs are often admired for their unique appearance, including their remarkable energy and graceful movements. One characteristic that catches the eye is their relatively long legs, which contribute to their exceptional athleticism. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the long legs of Border Collies and how this physical feature enhances their performance.

Genetic Factors

Border Collies have been selectively bred for their working capabilities, primarily for herding livestock. The breed’s physical traits, including their long legs, are a result of this selective breeding. Over generations, breeders have favored dogs with longer legs to increase their stride length and speed, making them more efficient in herding tasks. Consequently, Border Collies have developed a body structure that allows them to cover large distances quickly and effortlessly.

Advantages of Long Legs

The long legs of Border Collies provide several advantages that contribute to their exceptional performance:

1. Speed and Agility

With longer legs, Border Collies can take larger strides, enabling them to move quickly and navigate various terrains efficiently. This speed and agility are crucial when herding livestock, as they need to keep up with fast-moving animals and make quick turns without losing balance.

2. Jumping and Leaping

Border Collies are known for their remarkable jumping ability. Their long legs allow them to leap over obstacles effortlessly, which is particularly useful when herding livestock in rough or uneven terrain. This skill helps them clear fences, ditches, or any other barriers that may obstruct their path.

3. Endurance

Long legs contribute to a Border Collie’s overall endurance. Their ability to cover ground quickly and efficiently means they can work for extended periods without tiring easily. This stamina is essential for herding tasks that may require hours of constant movement and mental focus.


Border Collies have long legs as a result of selective breeding aimed at improving their herding abilities. These longer limbs provide numerous advantages, including increased speed, agility, jumping ability, and endurance. Their unique physical attributes allow them to excel in various tasks, making them highly versatile and efficient working dogs. Whether it’s herding livestock or participating in dog sports, the long legs of Border Collies undoubtedly contribute to their impressive performance.

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