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Do Border Collies Like Rain?


Border Collies are known for their intelligence, agility, and herding abilities. They are highly energetic and require regular exercise to keep them happy and healthy. However, when it comes to rainy weather, many dog owners wonder if their Border Collies enjoy being outside or if they prefer to stay indoors. Let’s explore whether Border Collies like rain or not.

Border Collie Breed Characteristics

Border Collies were originally bred to work in the countryside, herding livestock. Their thick double coat provides insulation and protection from various weather conditions, including rain. This breed is generally well-suited for outdoor activities regardless of the weather.

Individual Preferences

While the breed may be naturally equipped to handle rainy weather, each Border Collie has its own preferences. Some dogs may enjoy the rain and find it refreshing, while others may be more cautious or reluctant to go outside. Factors such as their personality, past experiences, and overall comfort level with wet conditions can influence their response to rain.

Water-Resistant Coats

Border Collies have a dense double coat that repels water to some extent. The outer layer is designed to shed moisture, keeping the undercoat and the dog’s skin relatively dry. This water-resistant feature allows them to remain comfortable even during light to moderate rain showers.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Border Collies are highly active and energetic dogs that thrive on exercise and mental stimulation. Rainy weather may not deter them from enjoying the great outdoors. Many Border Collies actually appreciate the opportunity to run, play, and explore in the rain. It can be an exciting change of scenery and a chance to engage their natural instincts.

Providing Adequate Shelter

While some Border Collies may enjoy being out in the rain, it is essential to provide them with adequate shelter and a dry place to rest. If they become too wet, it can be uncomfortable for them and potentially lead to health issues. Having a covered area or a waterproof doghouse will allow them to seek refuge when needed.

Training and Positive Reinforcement

If you want your Border Collie to embrace rainy weather, it is important to introduce them to it gradually and in a positive manner. Training sessions or playtime in light rain can help them associate the experience with fun and rewards. Using treats and praise can also reinforce their positive behavior and attitude towards rainy days.


While individual preferences may vary, Border Collies are generally well-suited to handle rainy weather due to their water-resistant coats and outdoorsy nature. Some dogs may enjoy the rain and find it stimulating, while others may need some encouragement and positive reinforcement to embrace it. Ultimately, it’s important to consider your Border Collie’s comfort and well-being when deciding whether to let them play in the rain or keep them indoors.

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