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How To Say Border Collie In Gaelic


Gaelic, also known as Scottish Gaelic or Gàidhlig, is a Celtic language spoken in Scotland. If you are a fan of the Border Collie breed and want to know how to say “Border Collie” in Gaelic, this article will provide you with the correct translation and pronunciation.


In Gaelic, the term for “Border Collie” is “Còlie Bhòrdair.” This translation captures the essence of the breed while incorporating the Gaelic language. The term is pronounced as “KO-lee VOR-der.”

Breaking Down the Translation

Let’s break down the Gaelic translation of “Border Collie” to understand its components:

  • Còlie: This term represents “Collie” in Gaelic. It is pronounced as “KO-lee” with a long “o” sound.
  • Bhòrdair: This term represents “Border” in Gaelic. The “bh” in Gaelic is often pronounced as a “v” sound. “Bhòrdair” is pronounced as “VOR-der.”

Usage and Cultural Significance

The Gaelic translation of “Border Collie” can be used in various contexts, such as conversations, writing, or when referring to the breed in Gaelic-speaking communities. It adds a cultural touch and demonstrates an appreciation for the Gaelic language and culture.


If you want to impress your Gaelic-speaking friends or simply have an interest in the Gaelic language, knowing how to say “Border Collie” in Gaelic can be a fun and educational experience. Remember to pronounce “Còlie Bhòrdair” as “KO-lee VOR-der” to accurately convey the breed’s name in Gaelic.

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