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How To Stop A Border Collie From Chasing Sheep


Border Collies are known for their herding instincts, and one of the challenges that owners face is preventing them from chasing sheep. This behavior can be dangerous for both the dog and the livestock. Fortunately, with proper training and consistent reinforcement, it is possible to stop a Border Collie from chasing sheep.

Understanding the Instinct

Before addressing the issue, it’s important to understand that herding is an innate instinct for Border Collies. They have been bred for centuries to work with livestock, which makes it a challenging behavior to eliminate completely. However, with patience and training, you can redirect this instinct towards more appropriate activities.

Training Techniques

1. Basic Obedience Training

Start by teaching your Border Collie basic obedience commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” This establishes you as the pack leader and creates a foundation for further training.

2. Recall Training

The most important command to teach your Border Collie is a reliable recall. Practice this command in a controlled environment with minimal distractions, gradually increasing the level of difficulty. Use high-value treats or toys as rewards to reinforce the desired behavior.

3. Desensitization

Expose your Border Collie to sheep from a distance, gradually decreasing the distance over time. This helps desensitize them to the presence of sheep, reducing their urge to chase. Reward your dog with treats or praise for calm behavior during these sessions.

4. Positive Reinforcement

Consistently reward your Border Collie for appropriate behavior around sheep. Use treats, toys, or verbal praise to reinforce good behavior. This will help them associate positive experiences with staying calm and not chasing the livestock.

5. Redirecting Energy

Border Collies are highly energetic dogs that need plenty of mental and physical stimulation. Ensure they receive adequate exercise and mental enrichment to prevent excessive energy buildup. Engage in activities like agility training, obedience trials, or interactive games to redirect their energy towards more constructive outlets.

Additional Tips

– Avoid leaving your Border Collie unsupervised near sheep until you are confident in their behavior.

– Consider using a long-line leash during the training process to have better control over your dog’s movements.

– Seek professional help from a certified dog trainer experienced in herding breeds if needed.


Stopping a Border Collie from chasing sheep requires patience, consistent training, and positive reinforcement. By understanding their instinct, implementing training techniques, and redirecting their energy, you can successfully manage and modify this behavior. Remember to always prioritize the safety of both your dog and the livestock, and seek professional guidance if necessary.

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