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How To Teach Border Collie Cgc Test


The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test is a certification program that evaluates a dog’s obedience and temperament. Border Collies, known for their intelligence and agility, can excel in this test with proper training and guidance. This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to teach your Border Collie the CGC test.

Step 1: Basic Obedience Training

Before starting the CGC training, ensure your Border Collie has a solid foundation in basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, down, and come. These commands are the building blocks for the CGC test.

Step 2: Socialization

Expose your Border Collie to various environments, people, and other dogs to develop proper socialization skills. This will help your dog stay calm and focused during the CGC test.

Step 3: Leash Manners

Teach your Border Collie to walk politely on a leash without pulling. Practice loose leash walking in different settings and gradually increase distractions to prepare your dog for the CGC test.

Step 4: Sit Politely for Petting

Train your Border Collie to sit calmly and allow a stranger to approach and pet them. Start with familiar people and gradually introduce strangers. Reward your dog for maintaining a calm and relaxed behavior during the interaction.

Step 5: Reaction to Distractions

Expose your Border Collie to common distractions such as loud noises, sudden movements, and other animals. Teach your dog to remain calm and focused despite these distractions. Gradually increase the level of distractions to mimic real-life scenarios.

Step 6: Stay and Come

Practice the stay and come commands in various situations and distances. Your Border Collie should be able to stay in a sit or down position until released and come to you promptly when called, even with distractions present.

Step 7: Supervised Separation

Teach your Border Collie to stay calm and relaxed when separated from you for a short period. Start with leaving your dog in a designated spot and gradually increase the duration of separation. This step helps evaluate your dog’s ability to handle being left with someone else.

Step 8: Final Preparation and Evaluation

Once your Border Collie has mastered all the previous steps, it’s time for the final preparation. Conduct mock CGC tests or enlist the help of a professional trainer to evaluate your dog’s performance. Identify any areas that need improvement and work on them before the actual test.


Teaching your Border Collie the CGC test requires patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. With proper training and practice, your Border Collie can earn the Canine Good Citizen certification, showcasing their obedience and good temperament. Remember to always prioritize your dog’s well-being and enjoy the journey of training together.

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