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How To Train A Border Collie To Herd Ducks


Border Collies are renowned for their herding abilities, and their intelligence and natural instincts make them excellent candidates for working with livestock. If you have ducks and want to train your Border Collie to herd them, it is important to understand the training process and techniques involved.

1. Establish Basic Obedience

Before starting specific herding training, ensure that your Border Collie has a solid foundation in basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, and heel. This will create a strong communication between you and your dog, making the training process smoother.

2. Introduce Your Dog to Ducks

Gradually introduce your Border Collie to ducks in a controlled environment. Allow your dog to observe the ducks from a distance and reward them for calm behavior. Make sure your dog understands that the ducks are not to be chased or harassed.

3. Use a Long Leash

Attach a long leash to your dog’s collar to maintain control during the training sessions. This will allow you to guide your dog’s movements and prevent them from running off or getting too close to the ducks.

4. Teach the “Lie Down” Command

The “lie down” command is crucial for herding. Train your Border Collie to lie down on command, as this will help them stay calm and focused during the herding process. Reward them with treats and positive reinforcement when they respond correctly.

5. Introduce Herding Commands

Gradually introduce specific herding commands such as “get around,” “come by,” and “walk up.” These commands direct your Border Collie to move the ducks in a specific direction. Be patient and consistent, rewarding your dog for successful responses.

6. Practice in a Controlled Environment

Set up a small, enclosed area where you can practice herding with your Border Collie and ducks. Start with simple exercises, gradually increasing the complexity as your dog gains confidence and skill. Remember to reward and praise your dog for their efforts.

7. Seek Professional Help

If you encounter difficulties or feel unsure about the training process, consider seeking guidance from a professional dog trainer experienced in herding. They can provide you with valuable insights and help you address any challenges you may face.


Training a Border Collie to herd ducks requires patience, consistency, and understanding of your dog’s natural instincts. With proper training and positive reinforcement, you can develop a strong working relationship with your Border Collie and enjoy watching them excel in their herding abilities.

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