Ch Wildair Back In Black

Pretty Jane

Bonnie Harris of Wildair Border Collies allowed this lovely girl to come visit Indiana, and Jane began her show career here at BonniDune. In just three months she finished her Championship with 17 points, four majors, two Best of Breeds and four Best Opposite Sex awards! Thank you Missy Brown for showing Jane.

Jane is related to several of my dogs. Her paternal grandsire, Ch Dykebar Blu Skyes Over Tainsh HSAs, is a littermate to Derry and Darcy's dam, Ch Dykebar Into The Future O'Tainsh. Jane is also related to Stewart. His sire, Am/NZ/S Afr Ch Clan-Abby Too-Much-Tartan ("Johnny"), is her great-grandsire. Needless to say, I like her pedigree as much as I like her!

Jane eye tested clear as a baby and she is CEA Genotype NORMAL by parentage (Optigen # 05-107 & 05-1975). Jane is also CL Genotype NORMAL by parentage. She is TNS Genotype Carrier. Her preliminary hip score was OFA Good.

Jane has now gone back to Wildair, but while here she had a litter of puppies sired by Stewart. Two of those pups were co-owned by BonniDune. Unfortunately, one was tragically killed by a motorcycle and the other cannot be bred because she did not pass her OFA. I am desolate that all I have to remember Jane's visit is fond memories. Thanks, Bonnie, for allowing Jane to come stay with us for a while.

Jane freestack

I think Jane looks a lot like Stewart. What do you think?
Stewart and Jane

Jane at 9 months
Jane at 9 months

Jane at 8 months
Jane 8 months

Jane 8 months gaiting

Jane at 6 months
Jane 6 months


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