BonniDune Kennel is located in
Southern Indiana, USA. Although I started
with German Shepherd Dogs, today BonniDune is
dedicated to showing, trialing and producing
sound, versatile Border Collies.
BonniDune is proud to be recognized as an AKC Breeder of Merit.

Puppies Born December 25, 2013

Me And My Border Collie Photo Frame


Having a pet dog is a wonderful experience that brings joy and happiness to our lives. One of the best ways to cherish and celebrate the special bond with your furry friend is by capturing precious moments together. This is where the Me And My Border Collie Photo Frame comes into play.

Features of the Me And My Border Collie Photo Frame

The Me And My Border Collie Photo Frame is a beautifully designed frame that allows you to display your favorite memories with your Border Collie. It has several features that make it a perfect addition to your home décor:

  • High-quality materials: The frame is made of durable and sturdy materials, ensuring that it will last for years to come.
  • Border Collie design: The frame is specifically designed for Border Collie lovers, with adorable paw prints and a charming silhouette of a Border Collie.
  • Multiple photo slots: The frame has multiple slots, allowing you to display different pictures of you and your furry friend.
  • Easel back stand: The frame comes with an easel back stand, making it easy to display on any flat surface such as a table, desk, or shelf.
  • Wall hanging option: It also includes hooks for wall hanging, giving you the flexibility to choose the perfect spot to showcase your memories.
  • Easy to use: The frame has a user-friendly design, making it simple to insert and change photos whenever you want.

Why Choose the Me And My Border Collie Photo Frame?

There are several reasons why the Me And My Border Collie Photo Frame stands out among other photo frames:

  • Unique design: The Border Collie-themed design adds a personalized touch to your home decor, making it an excellent gift for any Border Collie owner.
  • Durable construction: The high-quality materials ensure that the frame will withstand the test of time, keeping your cherished memories protected and displayed beautifully.
  • Versatile display options: Whether you prefer tabletop or wall display, this frame offers both options, allowing you to choose the perfect way to showcase your photos.
  • Celebrate the bond: This frame is a perfect way to celebrate the special bond between you and your Border Collie and cherish the memories you have created together.


The Me And My Border Collie Photo Frame is a must-have for any Border Collie owner who wants to display their favorite moments with their furry friend. Its unique design, durability, and versatile display options make it a perfect addition to any home. So, grab your favorite photos, insert them into the frame, and let the memories come to life!

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