Majestic BonniDune Maid In Oz

Sheila's mother was imported from Australia by Ronni DeLay and Terry Wise Hammond, in whelp with the final litter bred by Piedje Vidler, founder of Gotrah Border Collies. Sheila's pedigree includes many of the great Gotrah dogs of the past. Ms. Vidler is the author of "The Border Collie In Australasia," the premiere reference book for anyone interested in the history of the show Border Collie.

When I first began looking at Border Collies, I was drawn to these lines because they had proper structure, good looks and proven working ability. Ronni DeLay (Majestic) and Terry Wise Hammond (Terbo) both built their excellent kennels on Gotrah lines when they imported the first Australian Border Collies to the United States back in the 1980's. Thus, Duncan also goes back to Gotrah on his mother's side.

Sheila is now living with Wayne and Beverly Smith here in Indiana.  She attends obedience classes, goes camping, and keeps Kitt and Sweet Pea, their Chihuahua's, in line!

Sheila and Bev    Sheila and Wayne

Yum!    Sheila after a long day

Sheila at 8 weeks

Sheila in front before winning the 12-18 month class at the KTBCC Specialty

Aust Ch Chalfont Ben O Loch Aust Ch Bordalace Custom Made Aust/NZ Ch Loch N Legacy To Clan-Abby Aust/NZ/Jap Ch Windygyle Maori Chief
Aust/NZ Ch Casanova Joy of Clan-Abby
Aust Ch Bordalace Cha Cha Cha Aust Ch Ansavon Sono Thor
Aust Ch Bordalace Oui Chantilly
Keirashay Mystic CD Nahrof Mystical Chief Aust/NZ/Jap Ch Windygyle Maori Chief
Aust Ch Kantalpa Tuxn Tailz
Macsin Sindily Impish CD AD Braepoint Vista Mac
Huntervalley Deborah
Am Ch Gotrah Celtic Maid Aust Ch Arfryn Celtic Lad Aust Ch Gotrah Lammermuir Kilt Aust Ch Epsom Great Glen CDX
Aust Ch Gotrah Bimbi Chum
Arfryn Brigadoon Belle Send A Way Midnight CDX
Gotrah Celtic Queen
Gotrah Legend Lass Gotrah Sea Legend Aust Ch Dakiem Vickis Lad AOC
Aust Ch Gotrah Bonnie Mae AOC
Aust Ch Gotrah Beautys Lass Aust Ch Gotrah Noble Roger
Aust Ch Gotrah Celtic Beauty

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