BonniDune Kennel is located in
Southern Indiana, USA. Although I started
with German Shepherd Dogs, today BonniDune is
dedicated to showing, trialing and producing
sound, versatile Border Collies.
BonniDune is proud to be recognized as an AKC Breeder of Merit.

Puppies Born December 25, 2013

What Is Aibc Border Collie Registration


Border Collies are known for their intelligence, agility, and working abilities. They are highly sought after as working dogs on farms, as well as being popular pets and companions. The American Border Collie Association (ABC) offers a registration service for Border Collie owners and breeders to maintain accurate records of their dogs, pedigree information, and to showcase the breed’s lineage and heritage.

Why Register with ABC

Registering your Border Collie with the ABC has several advantages. It provides a way to establish the dog’s lineage and breeding history, which can be important for breeders looking to maintain and improve the breed’s qualities. By registering, you become part of a community of Border Collie enthusiasts who share a common interest in the breed.

Registration Requirements

In order to register your Border Collie with the ABC, there are certain requirements that need to be met. The dog must be purebred and meet the breed standards set by the association. Additionally, both parents of the dog must also be registered with the ABC or a recognized international kennel club.

The Registration Process

The registration process with ABC is relatively straightforward. You need to fill out an application form provided by the association, which typically requires information about the dog’s pedigree, date of birth, and any relevant health clearances. You may also need to provide photos of the dog for identification purposes.

Once the application is submitted, it undergoes a verification process to ensure all the requirements are met. If everything is in order, the dog is then officially registered with the ABC, and a certificate of registration is issued.

Benefits of ABC Registration

Registering your Border Collie with the ABC offers several benefits. Firstly, it provides proof of ownership and pedigree, which can be important if you plan to participate in dog shows, trials, or competitions. It also allows you to access resources and information provided by the association, including educational materials, training tips, and health guidelines specific to Border Collies.

Furthermore, ABC registration can enhance the value of your Border Collie if you decide to breed or sell puppies. Prospective buyers often prefer dogs with documented pedigrees, as it provides reassurance about the dog’s lineage and potential traits.


Registering your Border Collie with the American Border Collie Association is a valuable step for any owner or breeder. It provides a reliable way to maintain accurate records, establish lineage, and participate in various dog-related activities. Whether you have a working Border Collie or simply a beloved family pet, ABC registration offers numerous benefits and opportunities to connect with fellow Border Collie enthusiasts.

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