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What Size Prong Collar For Border Collie


Border Collies are highly intelligent and energetic dogs that require proper training and control. Prong collars, also known as pinch collars, are often used as a training tool for strong-willed breeds like the Border Collie. However, it is crucial to choose the right size prong collar to ensure the dog’s comfort and safety during training sessions.

Understanding Prong Collars

Prong collars consist of interlocking metal links with prongs that gently apply pressure around the dog’s neck when pulled. These collars are designed to mimic the natural correction a mother would give to her puppies by using her teeth. The prongs on the collar should never cause pain or injury when used correctly.

Measuring for the Correct Size

When choosing a prong collar for your Border Collie, it is essential to measure the circumference of their neck accurately. Use a soft measuring tape or a piece of string to measure around the base of the dog’s neck, just below the ears. Ensure the tape or string is snug but not too tight. Take note of the measurement in inches or centimeters.

Size Guidelines

Prong collars typically come in various sizes, and it is essential to select the right size to ensure effectiveness and prevent any discomfort or injury to your Border Collie. Here are some general guidelines for choosing the correct size:

  • Extra Small: Neck size up to 11 inches
  • Small: Neck size 11-14 inches
  • Medium: Neck size 14-18 inches
  • Large: Neck size 18-22 inches
  • Extra Large: Neck size 22 inches and above

Adjusting the Collar

Once you have chosen the appropriate size prong collar, it is crucial to adjust it correctly for your Border Collie’s comfort and safety. Ensure that the collar fits snugly around the dog’s neck, allowing for two fingers to fit between the collar and the skin. The prongs should be positioned evenly around the neck, with the D-ring for attaching a leash positioned at the back of the dog’s neck.


Choosing the right size prong collar for your Border Collie is crucial for effective training and ensuring their comfort and safety. Always measure your dog’s neck circumference accurately and follow the size guidelines provided. Additionally, remember to adjust the collar correctly to prevent any discomfort or injury. With the right size and proper usage, a prong collar can be a valuable tool in training your energetic and intelligent Border Collie.

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