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When To Ignore Your Border Collie

Understanding Border Collies

Border Collies are highly intelligent and energetic dogs known for their incredible herding abilities. They are often considered one of the most trainable dog breeds due to their quick learning and problem-solving skills. However, despite their intelligence, there are times when it is necessary to ignore your Border Collie’s behavior.

1. Attention-Seeking Behavior

Border Collies thrive on stimulation and mental challenges. They are naturally inclined to seek attention from their owners, and sometimes they may resort to undesirable behaviors to get it. If your Border Collie starts engaging in attention-seeking behaviors like barking excessively, jumping on furniture, or nipping at your hands, it is important not to give in to their demands. Ignoring these behaviors will teach them that such actions do not lead to attention or rewards, discouraging the behavior over time.

2. Mild Disobedience

Border Collies are generally obedient and eager to please their owners. However, they may occasionally test boundaries or display mild disobedience. In such instances, ignoring the behavior can be more effective than reprimanding them. By withholding attention or interaction, you can communicate that their actions are not acceptable. Once they realize that their disobedience does not lead to any reward or attention, they are likely to correct their behavior.

3. Obsessive Behaviors

Border Collies have a strong herding instinct, which can sometimes manifest in obsessive behaviors. They may fixate on objects, shadows, or even their own tails. While it is essential to ensure their safety, constantly catering to their obsessions can reinforce the behavior. Instead, redirect their attention to more appropriate activities such as playing with toys or engaging in interactive games. Ignoring their obsession will help them learn to focus on healthier outlets for their energy.

4. Hyperactivity

Border Collies are known for their boundless energy and can become hyperactive if not given sufficient physical and mental stimulation. However, constantly engaging with them can actually reinforce their hyperactivity. Ignoring their hyperactive behavior at times can teach them to self-soothe and find appropriate ways to release their energy. Providing plenty of exercise, mental challenges, and a structured routine will also help prevent excessive hyperactivity.

5. Demand Barking

Border Collies are vocal dogs and may resort to demand barking to get your attention or express their needs. While it is important to address their legitimate needs, such as feeding or bathroom breaks, ignoring demand barking for unnecessary attention can discourage this behavior. By withholding attention until they are calm and quiet, you can teach them that barking does not lead to immediate gratification.


While Border Collies are highly trainable and eager to please, there are situations where ignoring their behavior can be more effective than direct intervention. By understanding when to ignore certain actions, you can help your Border Collie learn appropriate behaviors and become a well-rounded companion.

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